Mortgage Refinancing in Regina, SK

Are you looking to refinance your property so you can access some of the equity built up? You can refinance your mortgage to take equity of your home if you have equity in excess of 20% of the value of your home.  

Access Your Equity

Do you have a current mortgage and are looking to payout some debt or perhaps do some renovations? Maybe you want to consolidate some debts, start a new business, buy a vacation or purchase an investment property… regardless of the reason, I will discuss all your mortgage refinancing options with you and help you to secure the best mortgage available.

Get the best mortgage advice from your award winning Trusted Regina mortgage broker. 

Canadian Money and Calculator onTable Mortgage Refinance

The Value of Your Home 

The value of your home is the key to doing a refinance. The value of the home is typically determined by an appraisal.

Refinancing your mortgage means borrowing based on the net worth of your home—the difference between its current market value and the remaining balance on your mortgage. By refinancing your home, you can borrow up to 80% of its estimated value and enjoy a new source of credit to finance your projects.

 The Process

Preapproval: Requires credit bureau to be pulled

Collect: Collection of documents

Apply: Application sent to lender

Appraisal: Order of appraisal (if required)

Legal: Mortgage is instructed to the lawyer

Sign: Signing with the lawyer

Closing: Wait for closing date


From Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk, I can help you finance it!