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Get free expert mortgage advice from a multi award winning Regina mortgage broker. Skott is committed to helping clients find the best option that suits their financial goals.

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When looking to purchase a property and secure a mortgage in Regina and area, all of the options available to you can seem very overwhelming. That’s where Skott Enns Regina Mortgage Broker comes in,  we do this every day, and I love it! 

About Skott Enns

” I live and breathe mortgages, so I can help you on the path to new homeownership, to refinancing, or maybe you just want to know more about mortgage rates and what the best options are for you in your current situation. I have been a broker for more than 10 years, and in that time I’ve helped many people find the house of their dreams and achieve their financial goals. Whether you’re new to Regina, a newcomer to Canada or you’ve worked with me in the past; let’s connect and see where I fit in your journey to homeownership. My mortgage advice, opinions, and service come at no cost to you. “

New to Canada

Are you a new Canadian unsure of how our mortgage process works? We get it, it can be confusing, but we know mortgages, and we can help you get settled here in a home.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Are you interested in buying a home? Wondering what you need to do next? Read more about the mortgage pre-approval process and how we can help you get into the home of your dreams!

Diverse Loan Options

Working with Skott Enns Regina Mortgage Broker means you get access to the best rates because we work with a variety of lenders! So we will find you the best mortgage for your unique situation.

First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is a very big commitment and your mortgage could be the single most important financial decision that you will ever make.

Mortgage Calculator

Use this mortgage calculator to help you do a quick and easy calculation on what you could be approved for based on your financial situation.

Why Choose ME

“I have loved puzzles my whole life, and in my career as a Regina mortgage professional, nothing has really changed. I see every new clients’ mortgage as a puzzle that needs to be solved. Let me assure you, I do not rest until the solving is done! Specifically, some of the puzzles I enjoy working on involve clients who are new immigrants to Canada seeking their first mortgage, people who are self-employed, recently separated, or buying their first home and… First Time Home Buyers are a personal favourite – I like first timers even more than Sudokus!  Each client is different and handling financing for investment properties, purchase plus improvementsmortgage refinancing, or even mortgage renewals brings their own unique challenges. ” Skott Enns, Regina Mortgage Broker


From Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk, I can help you finance it!



News & Resources

Saving for a Downpayment? Some Advice Along the Way!

If you are looking to purchase a property in the next while, you probably already know that you need at least 5% of the purchase price as a downpayment. Saving a bigger downpayment, let's say 10%, certainly increases your chances of securing financing. While having a...

Welcome to Canada | Finding a Home

We’re so glad you decided to make Canada your new home. It can be rewarding, and sometimes challenging to find a place to live that’s comfortable, safe, and affordable. CMHC is here to help! Consider these things as you look for the best place for your family:

Thinking of Selling? Costs You Should Know About!

Often times it's the simple math that will betray you when selling a property. In your head you do quick calculations, you take what you think your property will sell for and then subtract what you owe on your mortgage, and the rest is your profit! Well... not so...

Finding Money For Closing Costs!

If you are planning on purchasing a property in the next couple of years, here is a really good video that will explain how you can find some extra money to put away into savings without impacting your lifestyle. Maybe you can even find enough money to cover the legal fees of buying your next home, that would be a nice challenge.

A Conversation With Skott Enns About Mortgage Pre-approvals

Thinking of buying a property, but don't know where to start? Well... that's where a mortgage pre-approval comes in. Start here. Just like you wouldn't go into a restaurant without having enough money to buy your meal, so you shouldn't start shopping for a home...

What is Mortgage Fraud?

Have you ever wondered about how to protect yourself from mortgage fraud? Although the chances of you becoming a victim of mortgage fraud is relatively small, if you do become a victim, it will certainly have a long lasting negative impact on your life. So best to be...

Understanding Credit | Regina Mortgage Broker tips

How you manage your credit plays a big part in how a lender looks at your mortgage application. By understanding the makeup of a credit score and working towards establishing a solid credit profile, you can increase your chances of getting approved for a...

Avoid This Mistake When Shopping for a House

No doubt about it, buying a home is an emotional experience. It's a game of balancing needs and wants, while trying to be honest with yourself about those very needs and wants. It's hard to get it right, figuring out what's negotiable and what isn't... what you can...

Regina Mortgages – so much more than the Lowest Rate!

There aren't too many Canadians who are able to save up enough money to pay cash for their home. This is why we have mortgages. A mortgage is a loan made to assist a borrower to purchase a property. The property is held as collateral and interest is charged on the...

Are Lenders Obligated to Renew Mortgages?

It's a common held belief that if you've made your mortgage payments on time throughout the entirety of your mortgage term, that your lender is somehow obligated to renew your mortgage. This is simply not the case. The truth is, a lender is never under any obligation...