” The 2017 Prairie Dog’s world-renowned Best Of Regina, ( including the Best Regina Mortgage Broker), is a reader-fueled guide to the best people, places, shops and services in this terrific town! Thousands of you guys cast, I dunno, probably 100,000 votes to determine the winners in like 100 categories (they said they would let you count ’em if you’re that interested). You hold the result in your hands, unless you’re reading this on a desktop computer. Then probably not.” 

2017 Best Regina Mortgage Broker

Holy Guacamole – thank you Regina!

I have been voted Best Regina Mortgage Broker for the 5th consecutive year in the Prairie Dog’s Annual Best of Regina Contest.

I am very grateful for all your support. It is my amazing clients and referral partners that truly make me feel like I have the great gig in the world!

Here is the excerpt and testimonials from the Prairie Dog:

Best Regina Mortgage Broker

Skott Enns

TMG The Mortgage Group 206-4303 Albert St. 306-201-6500 skottenns.com

Skott Enns is a mortgage-brokering machine and regular Best of Regina champ. This is the fifth straight year he’s captured this title, in fact. So congrats, Skott, on your successful “drive for five”! That said, his popularity in this poll won’t surprise anyone who’s worked with him. Judging by reviews on his social media page Skott is a hard-working, customer-focussed mortgage-wrangling superstar. “He always had our best interests at heart and was very professional! Would definitely work with him again!” says one client. “Skott was absolutely fantastic. He went way above and beyond his expected duties,” says another. “I would recommend him and will definitely see him again when buying my next house,” says a third. There you go, Regina. Now YOU know who to go to! /Stephen Whitworth

Skott Enns Your Best Regina Mortgage Broker .

Get free expert advice from a Trusted Regina mortgage broker who’s number one motivation is always your BEST interest!


2017 Runners-up Natasha Mohr, TMG(2nd), Kate Miller,(3rd), Ryean Campbell, TMG (4th), Pat Dell (5th), Craig McCrystal (6th)