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Hello and thank you for visiting my website, I hope you have some fun looking around, find what you are looking for and feel comfortable to contact me when you are ready to take the next step! So a bit about me! Growing up, I was never one of the jocks. Oh I played, soccer, hockey, and ball just like all the kids, but I was never really that good. Usually one of the last picked on the team… clearly it wasn’t my destiny to be a professional athlete.

Instead, I loved puzzles, seriously, I was a pretty big nerd… my head was always buried in a crossword, brain teaser, mind bender, word search, or sudoku. As a mortgage professional, nothing has really changed. I see every new clients’ mortgage as a puzzle that needs to be solved, and let me assure you, I do not rest until the solving is done! Specifically, some of the puzzles I enjoy working on now are clients who are New to Canada, self employed, recently separated, or buying their first home… First Time Home Buyers are a personal favourite – I like first timers even more than Sudokus. As each client is different, handling financing for investment properties, purchase plus improvements, refinances and renewals provides a unique challenge.

However  my goal isn’t to simply help you get a mortgage, my goal is to help you figure out a plan to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible! I work from my office in Regina Saskatchewan, but have an extensive Canada wide network. I look forward to working with you. My advice, opinions, and service comes at no cost to you!

On a personal note, I am a proud husband and father. My wife Shawna and I have young twin boys,and we are a VERY active family. We travel, play outside, get dirty in the mud, and love to see and experience new things! Life is pretty good!

I keep my “Community Chest” (Blog) updated so you can stay informed!

2017, A Year of Possibility!

2017, A Year of Possibility!

Over the last three years, Canadian financial blogger Sandi Martin from Spring Personal Finance has released a series of posts with her dreams for her clients in each 2015, 2016, and now 2017. It started with finding clarity, then taking ownership, and now the series...

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New Mortgage Stress Test Explainer Video

New Mortgage Stress Test Explainer Video

As you may well know, the Canadian government has recently made some changes to how Canadians qualify for insured mortgages. They have instituted what is being called a “stress test” for your mortgage. Here is a good explainer video that does an excellent job of...

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Winner! 2013, 2014 & 2015 Best Of Regina

Every year the Prairie Dog Magazine proudly presents the ‘Best Of Regina’ featuring the final results of two open polls that runs online at Thousands of Prairie Dog readers cast nearly two hundred thousand votes for their favourite Regina people, professionals, places, culture, stores, services and more. I am extremely proud to be Regina’s best mortgage broker for 2013, 2014, and 2015, still waiting for $10 though.

“You have been elected Chairman of the Board.” (Services I provide)

Home Purchase

If you are looking to purchase a property, understanding all the mortgage options available to you can seem overwhelming. That’s where I come in, I do this everyday, and I love it. I will help you make sense of all the numbers and provide you with options so you can shop for a property with confidence. I am there for your every step of the way, to answer all of your questions!


Are you looking to refinance your property to access some of the equity built up in your property? Maybe you want to consolidate some debts, start a new business, buy a vacation or investment property… regardless of the reason, I will discuss all your mortgage refinancing options with you and help you to secure the best mortgage available.


The best time to start looking at renewing your existing mortgage is 120 days before your maturity date. If your existing lender has sent you a renewal offer in the mail, the first thing you should do is send it to me so I can give you a second opinion. Never just sign the offer, there is always room to negotiate. I am here to help you, so that you don’t have to do those negotiations alone!

“Get Out of Jail Free Cards” (Nice things my clients have said about me)

Skott was fabulous to work with and accommodating. He met me where and whenever was convenient for me, including coming to the house so I didn’t have to drag my little guy out. He explained everything concisely and with a tight time frame he was quick with getting all the paperwork done. I would definitely recommend Skott to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. And the M&M’s were a big hit with my 2 year old!!

Robin Thurmeier

Skott was really helpful and patient with me as a first time home buyer. He took the time to explain all of my options, answer my questions, and he ultimately got me a great mortgage. He was also so flexible and generous with his time. It was nice to know that I could trust him with this very important part of my first home-buying experience!

Julia Mitchell

My husband and I had a bad experience when we bought our first home through a bank mortgage (lots of last minute changes/requirements, no one to speak to in person … we actually almost lost our deposit/home – very stressful). When it came time to upgrade to something bigger we decided to review our options so we met with Skott and he was extremely helpful. Our home purchase was a bit of a special case and we had a very tight deadline to finalize financing. Skott took care of all the details in an organized and timely manner. He checked in often and kept us in the loop every step of the way. He answered my multitude of questions with a smile. You will not be disappointed if you choose Skott Enns of The Mortgage Group!

Amanda Partridge

Skott was so great to work with and easy to talk to. He took the time to explain all of our options and found us a great rate with some flexibility in the mortgage. In the end, he even made a small donation to a charity of our choice in my name. Skott is a great guy and will treat you right!

Gerry Hellquist

Skott was great to work with. As first time home buyers not knowing a lot about the system he kept us well informed, and well taken care of throughout our experience with him. He wad very easy to get a hold of for any questions we had and have signing our mortgage. Plus we got a great interest rate. Great overall job

Colby Nelson

“Advance Token to the Nearest Utility”. (Some of the lenders I work with)

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